10 Dream Symbols You Shouldn’t Ignore

10 Dream Symbols You Shouldn’t Ignore

You may see the dreams as a banal thing but there is much more to the psychology of dreams than you think. Scientists today consider dreaming is a brain’s way of keeping us alert to danger and synthesizing  important information. The ancient people believed that the dreams were predictions of the future. Sigmund Freud interpreted dreams as the mind’s expression for your repressed conflicts or desires. Curl Jung said “Dreams are invariably seeking to express something that the ego does not know and does not understand”. This famous psychotherapist considered dreams as an opening door to the consciousness of our minds and broadening the horizons of our spiritual world. All these people have one thing in common: they all suggest that we look into our dreams the same way we look at our waking reality, because in some way they are also our reality.


Dream interpretation is a very important thing because the dreams are coming from the recesses of our psyche and they are the messengers of our subconsciousness. But, looking into a conventional dream dictionaries can be a daunting task. To interpret a dream correctly you need a dream analysis techniques that combine a different symbol definitions into one and it also takes a great intuition. The best way to correctly uncover the true meaning of your dreams we strongly recommend chatting with a live psychic. We highly advise you getting in touch with a spiritual counselor and join the largest community of the world’s most renowned Psychics so you can chat for free.

1. Flying

These dreams symbolize the need of high hopes or ambitions, the feeling like nothing can bring you down or stop you from achieving your goals. When you wake up from these dreams you often feel happy, relieved and with a sense of freedom.

2. Waterfalls

Dreaming of a waterfall represents the emotional state you are in and the spiritual pathway. Water symbolizes the cleansing and the river represents the ability to go with the flow. This can mean a new beginning in life or a change in your identity.

3. Teeth

These are a very common dreams and can symbolize very different things. Rotten teeth symbolize anxiety and possibly fear while dreaming of falling teeth means that you have come to a new situation in life that causes you stress whether it’s from work, relationship etc.

4. Death

People have a hard time admitting to dreams of death. Even though they sound morbid, the dreams of death symbolize the changes in emotions from a psychological aspect. It does symbolizes an ending, but maybe it is an ending of a bad situation that can be followed by a good one.

5. Pregnant

These dreams can be interpreted as a development or growth. It can be of a character or some project you’ve been working on.

6. Houses and Rooms

Houses in dreams can be interpreted as yourself while the rooms can be the different aspects of you. The more rooms you dream of the more the deeper is the meaning of your dream. If you dream of a basement that represents your intuition and the unconscious part of your mind while the attic represents your hidden memories and past. This dream should leave you with a feeling of comfort and security when you wake up.

7. Money

Dreaming of money leaves you with a great feeling when you wake up. These dreams represent the luck in life or your self worth. Giving money in your dreams is a fear of loss. Money symbolizes the flow of life so the thought of financial stability never really leaves our mind, that’s why these dreams are that common.

8. Adultery

These dreams represent the sexual urges that you may repress or need to express. The dreams of adultery mean the unconscious part of your brain is sending you a message that your body is stressed out because of your self worth issues, abandonment issues etc.

9. Fire

Fire dreams can have a very different meanings, depending of the whole context of your dream. If you start a fire in your dream it represents the hidden anger that you have. Playing with fire can be a warning to be careful with some dangerous activities while seeing a fire in the distance can mean a hidden desire of yours.

10. Naked

These dreams represent the fear of being exposed and are one of the most common dreams out there. When you are being naked in your dream it may suggest that you are feeling vulnerable or insecure about something in your life, maybe you’ve been ashamed of something you said or did recently and now it is affecting your unconsciousness. If your are hiding while being naked in your dream you should ask yourself what are you hiding from yourself or others or what are you trying to deny.

Dreams can be analyzed in many different ways. It all depends on the individual and what they are going through in their life. The mind is always trying to send you a message through your dreams and you shouldn’t ignore it because it may help you with the things you are going through in your life right now. To get a personalized professional dream interpretation with a dreams coach today, click here.