About Us

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Just Zodiac Things?

Just Zodiac Things is a relatively new website that is focused on providing the readers with a unique take on the zodiac signs based on everyday life.

  • Who owns Just Zodiac Things?

A couple of writers that started blogging for fun and now it’s our every day job.

  • How do I report illegal/copyrighted/offensive material?

For reporting a problem you can use the Contact form that’s located at the bottom of the site.

  • What kind of content can I expect to read on Just Zodiac Things?

Like the name itself says, we are focused mainly on the Zodiac.
– You can find funny, interesting and a little edgy articles in the Fun Zodiac category, so take it lightheartedly. The characteristics of the signs may or may not be exaggerated for comic effect and the posts in that category are meant for entertainment and not meant to offend!
– The Zodiac Signs category has 12 subcategories where you can find all kinds of information and facts about each zodiac sign separately.
– Your daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes are in the Horoscope category.
– In the sidebar you can always find the current planetary positions and the moon phases.
We are working on, and you can expect a few more categories like Astrology, Compatibility of the signs, Spirituality, and a Dream Dictionary, very soon.

  • How do I stay connected with Just Zodiac Things?

We are active on three social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Feel free to follow or contact us there at any time!