How The Black Moon In February 2018 Is Going To Affect Your Life

How The Black Moon In February 2018 Is Going To Affect Your Life

The rare Black Moon is returning to our skies this February. We bet you have a lot of questions about this strange astrological phenomenal and we are here to answer them all.

What is a black moon and when does it occur?

There are several definitions of the Black Moon. It can be:

  • The second New Moon in the same month  – these are the most common, but the month they happen varies because of the time zone differences. Usually they happen once every 29 months.
  • Third New Moon in the season of four New Moons – these are rarer and occur once in every 33 months. Usually every season (spring, summer, fall, winter) has three months and three New Moons. When a season has 4 New Moons instead of 3, the third New Moon is called Black Moon. This explanation may sound similar to the Blue Moon, but the difference is that the Blue Moons are Full Moons.
  • no New Moon in February – this is a very rare phenomena, it happens once in every 20 years. This can only happen in February because this is the only month that is shorter than a normal (lunar) month. When there is no New Moon in February, usually January and March have two New Moons instead of one. The last no New Moon in February was in 2014 and the next will be ocuring in 2033. But these phenomenon may not be happening all around the world because of the time zone differences.
  • no Full Moon in February – when there are two Full Moons in January and March, there is no Full Moon in February. This occurs about once in every 20 years. The last Black Moon of this type was in 1999 and the next is this month.

How February’s Black Moon will affect your life?

Because of the length of the lunar cycles, there will be no Full Moon in February. This will result in Black Moon this month. As we already said, this means that January and March will have two Full Moons and the second will be a Blue Moon. All these will have a huge effect on your horoscope and life.

Probably you’ve read how the Full Moon affects your life, because it’s a common phenomena, but what happens when there is no Full Moon at all? This is called a Black Moon month.

The double new moon, and lack of a complete full moon, in this month may set you up for failure or success, depending on how you move forward.

These black moons are frightening to some people because of the lack of light that they connect to the darkness and the end of humanity. But we will take aside the superstitions and we’ll explain why this month is about taking your time to breathe.

We still feel the strong emotions after the Super Bloody Blue Moon lunar eclipse that we saw on January 31st, and our lifes are still under the influence of it. The eclipse season has the power to change your life and you may still feel the effect it had on you. The sudden changes that happened last month may have positive or negative impact of your life, but the important thing is that they were necessary.

Calm down, except the changes and be patient

Now, while the Black Moon month lasts, it’s time for us to step back and embrace the quiet. This months Black Moon will teach you to calm down and  let the situation speak for itself regardless of what it says. This month you should be brave enough to give up the control in your life and just let go of things. Life may not be going the way you planned it should go, but don’t allow to lose yourself in the world. Just be patient, accept the void, question yourself, you actions, life decisions, everyone around you, and after this period, you’ll come out stronger than you ever were.
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