Monthly horoscope December 2018 – How Will You End This Year?

Monthly horoscope December 2018 – How Will You End This Year?

Aries December 2018 horoscope

Finally, after a rough journey all the way through 2018, December will bring calm energy. No matter what plans you have, you will enjoy doing them. It’s a good period to take a look back at the whole year.

Taurus December 2018 horoscope

This month there will be several important points. You might experience an unusual increase in your ability to foresee what’s coming. Additionally, the other important point will be your lack of space. You will feel tight no matter how much space you have. The Christmas period will exhaust you more than ever, so make sure you finish 2018 carefully.

Gemini December 2018 horoscope

You will finish this year with quite a lot of meetings meant to support your mental development and your spirituality. You will find that love and the feeling of belonging can make calm your mental irritation. In December, you may also find a new home or a new starting point for the next year.

Cancer December 2018 horoscope

At the end of this year you will appreciate any kind of experiment with great passion. You will feel like a shy bird that has spread its wings and turned into an eagle. You will ooze with courage and confidence, which is a healthy sign that 2019 will be a great year for you.

Leo December 2018 horoscope

In December 2018 you will face various different tasks, which will cause chaos in your life. Be careful not to get confused so easily. Many tasks await you, but if you can rely on the help from your friends and family, chances are you might just make it through this tough period.

Virgo December 2018 horoscope

Make sure that you avoid relying on old memories this month, as they might be different from what you remember. Impressions from events that happened a long time ago are changeable. One advice to follow this month is – don’t forget that your memories might not always tell the truth and don’t act on them impulsively.

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