Monthly horoscope December 2018 – How Will You End This Year?

Monthly horoscope December 2018 – How Will You End This Year?

Libra December 2018 horoscope

This month you will find out how strong you really are. Be careful from having a slippery accident, as you will be especially clumsy this December. Courage will follow you anywhere you go, but luck won’t.

Scorpio December 2018 horoscope

Try to remember that unity, instead of dividing is what matters. Scorpio is usually a sign that likes to operate on its own, but this December you will feel what it’s like to work in a team full of like-minded people. Make sure you remain humble and confident. Being a part of a strong team will make you feel better though.

Sagittarius December 2018 horoscope

Take the time and treat yourself to a rest. You deserve it. Save your energy for the following year, and release your mind from all the worries you had. December is not a good month to make any decisions, so just postpone them. If something is extremely urgent, make the decision in the morning, not at night.

Capricorn December 2018 horoscope

December 2018 is the time to reconnect with nature so you can gain a sense of new life. You will try to get rid of anything that’s modern, and use candles instead of lights, wearing more natural clothes, and simplify your relationships.

Aquarius December 2018 horoscope

December 2018 is not the perfect time to socialize, as you will be very clumsy with your words and seem very awkward. You will find it difficult to express your thoughts correctly or formulate important sentences. You might even share some secrets by mistake.

Pisces December 2018 horoscope

A month of options. When faced with a choice, you will always choose the more modest one. You can consider the whole year of 2018 as a victory. However, make sure you do not over-celebrate and get very drunk. You are trying your best and succeeding at living the best life you can, and you feel very happy about yourself.

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