Full Moon 23 November 2018 Astrology: Get Ready for Anger and Fiery Energy

Full Moon 23 November 2018 Astrology: Get Ready for Anger and Fiery Energy

The full moon that occurs on November 23, 2018, falls at 0° Gemini. Mars square Jupiter will also affect the November Full Moon, which might make you feel both brave and strong, as well as filled with frustration. Beware of impulsive actions as they might lead to unwanted injuries.

The November 2018 Full Moon will also increase the risk of you losing your temper. Make sure you remain patient to avoid any pain and becoming cruel. Even though frustration will be difficult to avoid, try to release the full moon energy in a safe way.

Full Moon Meaning

A full moon appears when the Sun is opposite the Moon. This underlines the opposite forces in your life, such as work vs home, or your needs vs your wants. This can lead to inner tension and pressure which can cause conflicts in your personal life and drain your energy. All of your intimate relationships will come into sharper focus when the full moon passes.

Make sure to use your enhanced emotional strength from the full moon to overcome any issues in your relationships. Your subconscious awarrness will make you see the dynamics of your relationships more clearly, and notice the negative feelings which are causing you problems.

Full Moon 23 November 2018 Astrology

The Full Moon on November 23 has bad qualities because of the planetary aspects and fixed stars. It may bring rage and bitterness  over the next 2 weeks. An opposition to Jupiter will only increase this aggressive energy.

The Moon will be on the same degree as Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades Star Cluster. When well positioned, this may bring love and peacefulness. However, square Mars and opposite the Sun and Jupiter is everything but a good planetary position.


The November Full Moon is also called the Beaver Moon. This name originates from the Algonquin tribes and colonial Americans, which used the monthly full moons as a calendar. It got it’s name because November was the month when they set out beaver traps so they can get fur for the winter.

November 2018 Full Moon Aspects

Full Moon square Mars will bring out your anger so make sure you are careful to avoid hurting yourself or somebody else. Acting impulsively comes with many risks, but holding the anger and frustration inside is not a healthy option, as it can affect your physical condition. Expect emotional discomfort in your close relationships, especially with females. The best way to handle this hot fiery energy is to release all of your frustrations in a safe way.

Mars opposite Jupiter might cause a lack of self-control, which might make you more vulnerable about your feelings. The November 2018 Full Moon may become even more problematic if you have addiction or self-control issues.

Mars square Jupiter will make you feel sexy and full of energy, but also impulsive and reckless. You will have the courage to confront anything that threatens you, but make sure to keep your defensive approach. Without any previous strategy, careless actions might lead to embarrassment or injuries.

Full Moon November 2018 Times and Dates

  • Los Angeles – 22 November, 9:39 pm
  • New York – 23 November, 0:39 am
  • London – 23 November, 5:39 am
  • Delhi – 23 November, 10:09 am
  • Sydney – 23 November, 3:39 pm