Lunar Eclipse July 2018 (The Blood Moon) – How Will It Affect You?

Lunar Eclipse July 2018 (The Blood Moon) – How Will It Affect You?

The Lunar Eclipse on July 27th is the longest total lunar eclipse that will happen this century, and it will last 1 hour and 23 minutes. It is also a rare lunar eclipse because part of the Moon will pass through the center of the shadow from our planet. This phenomenon is also called a blood moon due to the red/orange color which is caused by the atmosphere refracting light. From astrology aspects, this lunar eclipse is mainly influenced by Mars, which makes it an emotionally challenging eclipse.

The frustration and anger from Mars could easily become reckless actions due to the harsh aspect from Uranus. However, Saturn and its gentle influence will make things more calm, giving patience in a time of crisis. Be careful though, because the same stars can also provoke emotional problems. Make sure that you keep your cool during these hard times so you can deal with the strong emotions from the Lunar Eclipse, especially around the solar eclipse on July 12th, because it can also bring to the surface some deep hidden inner fears.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

The lunar eclipse is very similar to a regular full moon. The difference is that it’s stronger, and turns your attention to your feelings, intimacy, and your family relationships. The longest total lunar eclipse this century will impact your private life with very strong power. The lunar eclipse makes the Sun opposite Moon aspects of emotions reach their peak, leaving you flooded with emotions.

The moon being blotted out represents your emotions being reset, purging you from all the emotional baggage you accumulated in the previous months. The July 27 lunar eclipse effects link up to those from the July 12 solar eclipse and they last until the solar eclipse on August 11.

Lunar Eclipse July 2018 Astrology

The total lunar eclipse on Friday July 27, 2018 at 04°44′ Aquarius is conjunct Mars by less than one degree. Mars with its fierce energy will make this period emotionally difficult. A demanding square aspect to Uranus will also make those emotions impulsive. Luckily, the effect from Saturn will somehow keep them under control.

The July 2018 lunar eclipse and the fiery red planet, Mars, are located in the Capricornus constellaton. Plenty of fixed stars from this constellation will give calmness and trust, but also some problems emotionally which will aggravate the already disturbed feelings of the Moon and Mars square Uranus.

Lunar Eclipse Conjunct Mars

The strongest influence of this lunar eclipse, which will make you full of self-confidence and bravery, is Moon Conjunct Mars. You can use your instinct to defend your family. However, this will be hard due to your strong feelings and the inability to control them. Try to remain calm every time you feel impatient of irritated. If this doesn’t work, try focusing your energy somewhere else, like cleaning, exercising, or by spending time with loved ones.

Mars retrograde will create a vast amount of sexual tension that will be hard to indicate. Make sure you think everything through before you act. Upcoming events will decide which of your strong desires needs to be worked on before you can act on it. Those events can be hard for you, but they are much needed so you can take a step back and avoid making a big mistake. Struggles with destructive behaviors may arise, which will be a hard experience for you.

The Head of the Sea Goat

Although this lunar eclipse falls in Aquarius, the Moon is in the Capricornus constellation. Ever since our horoscope was invented more than 2 thousand years ago, the zodiac signs have moved about 30 degrees out of the constellation that they were originally named after.  So, for astrological meaning, the fixed stars will be used instead of Sun Signs.

03°58′ Aquarius – Mars
04°01′ Aquarius – fixed star Giedi
04°18′ Aquarius – fixed star Dabih
04°44′ Aquarius – Moon
04°58′ Aquarius – fixed star Oculus
05°25′ Aquarius – fixed star Bos

Fixed star Giedi will give you power to make good deeds and offer your help without wanting anything in return. Mars with Giedi will cause anger and unstable changes. Both Giedi and Dabih will send much needed patience and decisiveness in a time of crisis.

Fixed star Dabih along with the Moon will give you professional success and material wealth, but also trouble with the opposite sex and emotional problems. Combined with the lunar eclipse it might also cause you to be mentally unstable, making you difficult to relate with.

The energy from Oculus and Bos will be very similar to that from Giedi and Dabih, however with a stronger predisposition to conservative views.

Lunar Eclipse July 2018 path

This total lunar eclipse can be viewed completely over Central Asia and Eastern Africa. The rising can be viewed from South America, Europe, and Western Africa. The setting over can be viewed from Eastern Asia and Australia.

Previous Moon Phase: Solar Eclipse 12 July 2018
Next Moon Phase: Solar Eclipse 11 August 2018

Lunar Eclipse July 2018 Times and Dates

  • London – July 27, 9:20 pm
  • Delhi – July 28, 1:50 am
  • Los Angeles – July 27, 1:20 pm
  • Sydney – July 28, 6:20 am
  • New York – July 27, 4:20 pm

Lunar Eclipse July 2018 Summary

No one can deny that this lunar eclipse will be one of the most difficult, but it will also be a brave one. There will be many problems that need to be acted on and resolved, so the stakes are very high. If you plan any projects in the future, make sure you give enough time to get rid of any annoying obstacles in the way. You also need to make some short-term sacrifices so you can have a better long-term success.

At times you may want to keep looking for other better things instead of facing your current situation that weighs heavily on you. However, Mars is also retrograde, making things a little more transformative. Make sure you keep calm and composed so you can defeat those inner demons that make you uneasy. Once this lunar eclipse passes, the reward for the hard work that you put into getting through this period will be more that worthy.

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