This is what happens to our soul when we fall asleep, according to the Native Americans

This is what happens to our soul when we fall asleep, according to the Native Americans

Dreaming is very important part of the Native American’s tradition. They teach their children to remember, even write down, their dreams so they can interpret them later and use them as a guidance in life. Interpreting dreams is crucial to their spiritual practice, and the dreams are an extremely important tool that they use for their guidance.
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Parts of the soul

They believe the soul has three parts: ego soul ( the breath), body soul ( the energy to the body) and free soul which is the soul that leaves the body when we are sleeping while the other two souls stay attached to the body and never leave it. They believe that the dream world is equally important as the real physical world. But also, it’s not your body or mind that dreams the dreams but your soul. Another thing that hey strongly believe in is that your soul can communicate with other souls from living creatures. And this includes the animal souls as well.

Where does the soul go when we fall asleep

When your soul is disconnecting from you body while you are asleep, it goes to the dream realm and that’s where it meets and communicates with other souls. The dreaming reminds them of how impermanent we all are. Everything that happens in the dream realm can be of a big importance in your real world. For example, if you hurt yourself in your dream, that might have a significant consequence in your waking life that you might even need treatment when you wake up.

When you fall asleep the soul gathers information  in the dream world and that is when it gains insights from your future and receives guidance from your spirit guides. This process is very important because this self exploration of the soul helps you grow and be more connected with yourself.

When they wake up, Native Americans had a habit of interpreting the dreams with a help from their Elders, and make sure they understand what the dreams are trying to reveal to them. But the most important and tricky part was to be sure not to misinterpret them and get the message from their spirit guides wrong. To get your personalized dream reading from a professional dream interpreter, click here.