When it comes to money, April will be A DISASTER, except for these signs – MONEY HOROSCOPE APRIL

When it comes to money, April will be A DISASTER, except for these signs – MONEY HOROSCOPE APRIL

Let’s see what April has in store for each zodiac sign when it comes to finances. And we warn you that it’s not great, except for three signs.


You really need to resist temptation this month. Start asking yourself more frequently if you really need that thing or just want it.


Sorry to say but any extra cash you get these month you should really put it aside because some rainy days are on their way. Resist the urges to spend it all on things that you don’t really need.


Make wise choices this month. Your horoscope says that you should make sure you have money to cover unexpected expenses, because Pluto is going retrograde in your shared money house.


Do what you actually can, and not more. You might feel generous this month but that is not a good enough reason to put yourself in a financial bind.


“Where did my money go?” – we hear this every time you go out Leo. Keep an eye on your money and stay alert this month. Also, stop spending like there is no tomorrow, you have enough clothes already.


This month may start off rough, but we are sure you’ll come up with something and get to a solution.


This is a rough month for you Libra. Be careful, take some time to evaluate the situation so you can make a well thought decision. And don’t forget to breath. Also, don’t forget that you can always ask a friend for an advise.

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The sooner you cover your expenses, the sooner you’ll get to the fun stuff. But don’t worry, most of April is to your liking.


There miht be some financial troubles in the middle of April. But later you’ll have some great opportunities that will bring y ou more money than you expected.


Your money horoscope indicates a great start of April. Earning money and winning people over will be as easy as a pie for you.


April will overall be a great month for you, filled with great moments and good friends. Just don’t overspend and buy only what you need.


The end of April, especially on the 28th of April will be the right time for you to ask for a promotion or make a bold move. Do it while the stars are on your side.